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The Coastal Trollers Association

Our Mission - "The CTA works to enhance and protect an economically viable Washington troll fishery." We are a non-profit 501c3 organization. Donations are used to help enhance our fishery through a variety of means.

The purpose of the CTA is to promote long-term sustainability of troll fisheries resources, to enhance economically viable opportunities for troll fishermen and to fairly represent its members. 

As part of these efforts, CTA will be involved in season-setting processes, development of stable lucrative markets for high-quality line-caught fish,  cooperation with the coastal communities and advancing predictable season-long catch opportunities for license holders.

Our products:

- Officers -


  • President & Director - Joel Kawahara                                  F/V Karolee

  • ​Vice President - Geoff Labon                                                F/V Halmia

  • ​Secretary - Steve Wilson                                                        F/V Deep Threat

  • Treasurer - Sharon and TK                                                    F/V Sharon Mae

  • Director - Dave Parker                                                           F/V Katy J

Salmon Types
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